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The Review
International Environmental Issues and India's Stand
By : Dr. Sreenivasulu N.S.

The book is published by an international publisher ePub Bud, based in Santa Monica, California, USA. The book has a total of 132 pages. There are 13 chapters in the book written by the select students of NUJS working in the field of envir   read more...

Indian Financial Code vis-a-vis Indian Financial Law: The Way Forward
By : Dr. Kondaiah Jonnalagadda

The author elaborates upon the Indian Financial Code as promulgated by the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) set up in 2011. The author describes the complex and confusing state of Indian financial regulation and then   read more...

Shadow Banking, Financial Risk and Regulation in China and Other Developing Countries
By : Prof. Steven L. Schwarcz

Shadow banking is growing rapidly in a number of developing countries, including China where it recently was estimated at around 20 trillion yuan (which is approximately a third the size of China’s bank-lending market). The shadow banking   read more...

TWAIL Paradox
By : Prof. John D. Haskell

The author via his scholarship tries to firstly, map Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL), elaborating on it genesis and the causes for its development, post which he tries to show the dichotomy existent within the system, i.   read more...

Creation, Circulation and Mitigation of Risk in Financial Market: How Institutions in Banking, Insurance and Securities Sectors Operate for Effective Management of Risk?
By : Aaradhana Tomar

Financial market is medium for meeting of people willing to accept risk and those who purchase protection. Financial law is a mosaic of several laws and is responsible for risk management through creation, circulation and mitigation of risks. Its prime objective is to facilitate risk transfer in the financial market which is con   read more...

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Establishment of DRT in 1993 and its Affect on Debt Recovery-An Analysis
By : Shayamvar Deb

The DRT as a Tribunal having its own jurisdiction, powers and authority has been established u/s 3(1) of the Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, (hereinafter ‘RDDB&FI Act’) being Act vide number 51 of 1993 with an   read more...

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Independent Directorship: A panacea of Agency Problem?
By : Prof. Ajit Kaushal

As per one study it was found that the U.S. organizations lose almost 7 per cent of their revenue due to fraud. Fraud involves intentional acts perpetrated by human beings using deception that can broadly be classified as comprising two typ   read more...

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Non Performing Assets: Classification and Recovery
By : Nikesh Tyagi

The Indian state with the liberalisation of economy and drastic change in the investment making capabilities , have increased the ambit of investments being made in the market. The past year policies of saving money rather than to invest ar   read more...

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GMR-Maldives Fiasco-Lesson for South Asia
By : Y.S. Kirankumar

Infrastructure major GMR’s foray into the Maldives to manage the premier airport there is facing unexpected hurdles. Opposition is mounting over some contentious parts of the deal with the island nation’s government under the new President   read more...

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